Victron Skylla-IP65 Charger 24/35(1+1) 120-240V SKY024035000

Warranty Option: Standard 5 Years Warranty
Sale price$1,350.00


Victron Skylla-IP65 24V/35A Battery Charger (1+1) 120-240V, 5 Year Warranty. A powerful, waterproof and intelligent battery charger with a 7-stage adaptive charge algorithm, suitable for a wide range of battery types and chemistries featuring a dedicated Lithium-ion charge algorithm.


Skylla-IP65 (1+1): two outputs to charge 2 battery banks- The Skylla-IP65 (1+1) features 2 isolated outputs. The second output, limited to approximately 3 A and with a slightly lower output voltage, is intended to top up a starter battery.

Skylla-IP65 (3): three full current outputs to charge 3 battery banks- The Skylla-IP65 (3) features 3 isolated outputs. All outputs can supply the full rated output current.

IP65 protection- Steel epoxy powder coated case. Withstands the rigors of an adverse environment: heat, humidity and salt air. Circuit boards are protected with an acrylic coating for maximum corrosion resistance.

LCD display- For status monitoring and to easily adapt the charge algorithm to a particular battery and its conditions of use. 

CAN-bus interface (NMEA2000)- To connect to a CAN-bus network, to a Skylla-i Control panel or to the Color Control digital display.

Synchronized parallel operation- Several chargers can be connected in parallel and synchronized with help of the CAN-bus interface. This is achieved by simply interconnecting the chargers with RJ45 UTP-cables.

The right amount of charge for a lead-acid battery: variable absorption time- When only shallow discharges occur the absorption time is kept short in order to prevent overcharging of the battery. 

Preventing damage due to excessive gassing: the BatterySafe mode- If, in order to quickly charge a battery, a high charge current in combination with a high absorption voltage has been chosen.

Less maintenance and aging when the battery is not in use: the Storage mode- The Storage mode kicks in whenever the battery has not been subjected to discharge during 24 hours. 

To increase battery life: temperature compensation- Every Skylla-IP65 comes with a battery temperature sensor. When connected, charge voltage will automatically decrease with increasing battery temperature.

Battery voltage sense- In order to compensate for voltage loss due to cable resistance, the Skylla-IP65 is provided with a voltage sense facility so that the battery always receives the correct charge voltage.

Use as a power supply- As a result of the excellent control circuit, the Skylla-IP65 can be used as a power supply with perfectly stabilized output voltage if batteries or large buffer capacitors are not available.

Li-Ion (LiFePO4) ready- Simple charger on-off control can be implemented by connecting a relay or open collector opto coupler output from a Li-Ion BMS to the remote control port of the charger. 


    Product Name Victron Skylla-IP65 Charger 24/35(1+1) 120-240V SKY024035000
    SKU SKY024035000
    GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) 8719076051985
    Brands Victron
    Product Category Battery Chargers
    Model SKY024035000
    Output Current Rating (Amps) 35.0 Amps
    AC Input Voltage 120/230 V
    AC Input Operating Range 90-265 V
    Operating Temperature Range -20 to 60 °C (Full output current up to 40 °C)
    Cooling Yes Forced (internal air circulation)
    Humidity Max 95%
    Charge current 35 A
    Battery Capacity 150-350 Ah
    Dimensions 401 x 265 x 151 mm (HxWxD)
    Net Weight (kg) 6.0 Kg
    Charge Algorithm 7 stage adaptive
    Charge voltage 'absorption' 28,8 V
    Charge Voltage Float - Wet (25 degrees)** 27,6 V
    Charge voltage 'storage' 26,4 V
    Protections Battery reverse polarity (fuse), Output short circuit, Over-temperature
    Protection IP65
    Maximum Charge Current 12 A @ 100 VAC
    Battery-connection M6 bolts
    Can be used as power supply Yes
    Manufacturers Warranty 5 Years


    5-year warranty - Victron products comes with a 5 year limited warranty, with the exception of batteries which are 2 years limited warranty.


    The option of a 10-year limited warranty can only be applied during the actual purchase of the product.

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