Victron Phoenix Inverter 24V/2000 230V Smart PIN242201000

Warranty Option: Standard 5 Years Warranty
Sale price$1,410.00


Victron Phoenix Inverter 24V/2000VA 230V Smart, 5-Year Warranty. The Phoenix Inverter Smart is an efficient and reliable inverter. Built on our proven and field-tested Phoenix inverter platform, it now comes with a new slimmer design and full metal casing. Models are available in 1600VA, 2000VA, and 3000VA for 12, 24, or 48V systems.

It’s powerful enough to supply the most common plug-in appliances in your car, boat, caravan, or home. A toroidal transformer provides a high peak power surge capacity, stable voltage, frequency, and high-quality sine-wave.

Installation is simpler than ever before with terminals now more accessible for the installer, enabling a more professional finish.

Bluetooth is built-in and makes setting up your high-power inverter easier than ever before.

Configure alarms, alarm relay, voltage cut-off, output voltage, frequency, eco-mode, and more, all from within VictronConnect.

12 / 24 / 48 Volt


Bluetooth built-in: fully configurable with a tablet or smartphone

  • Low battery voltage alarm
  • Low battery voltage cut-off and restart levels
  • Dynamic cut-off: load-dependent cut-off level
  • Output voltage: 210 - 245V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • ECO mode on/off and ECO mode sense level
  • Alarm relay


  • In- and output voltage, load, and alarms

VE.Direct communication port
The VE.Direct port can be connected to a computer (VE.Direct to USB interface cable needed) to configure and monitor the same parameters.

Proven reliability
The full bridge plus toroidal transformer topology has proven its reliability over many years.
The inverters are short-circuit proof and protected against overheating, whether due to overload or high ambient temperature.

High start-up power
Needed to start loads such as power converters for LED lamps, halogen lamps or electric tools.

ECO mode
When in ECO mode, the inverter will switch to standby when the load decreases below a preset value. Once on standby the inverter will switch on for a short period every 2,5 seconds (adjustable). If the load exceeds the preset level, the inverter will remain on.

Remote on/off
A remote on/off switch or relay contact can be connected to a two-pole connector.
Alternatively, the H terminal (left) of the two pole connectors can be switched to battery plus, or the L terminal (right) of the two pole connectors can be switched to battery minus (or the chassis of a vehicle, for example).

LED diagnosis
Please see the manual for a description.

To transfer the load to another AC source: the automatic transfer switch
For Victron low-power inverters we recommend our Filax Automatic Transfer Switch. The Filax features a very short switchover time (less than 20 milliseconds) so that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption. Alternatively, use a MultiPlus with a built-in transfer switch.


Product Name Victron Phoenix Inverter 24/2000 230V Smart PIN242201000
SKU PIN242201000
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) 8719076042709
Brands Victron
Product Category Power Inverters
Model PIN242200000
Wattage 1600W
Peak Power 4000VA
Output Voltage and Frequency 230VAC ±2% 50 Hz or 60Hz ± 0,1% (1)
Input Voltage 18.6 – 34V
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +65ºC (fan assisted cooling)
Humidity Max 95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 485 mm x 219 mm x 125 mm (H x W x D)
Battery-connection M8 bolts
Protection category IP21
Continuous Power at 25°C, Cos Phi 1 1600W
Continuous Power at 40°C, Cos Phi 1 1450W
Efficiency 0.94
Net Weight (kg) 13.0 Kg


Victron Energy warrants its products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of Batteries: 2-year limited warranty Li-ion batteries: 3-year limited warranty All other products: 5-year limited warranty.

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