TOPLI 48-50 Smart Lithium Battery

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TL4850ES is the standard 19-inch rack-mounted lithium battery module. It is designed for home and commercial solar energy storage as well as power backup for critical equipment during a grid power blackout.

TL4850ES uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry which is recognized as one of the safest Lithium chemistries currently in use.

The simplicity of modulating the battery makes it possible to create small or large energy storage systems. By adding additional battery modules, the initial energy storage installation can be expanded to a battery group of 8 modules in a single 19-inch rack.


The expected design life is up to 15+ years;

10 years warranty;

Greater depth of discharge (DOD 90%) compared to Lead-Acid/AGM/GEL battery(DOD 50%);

Single battery module capacity of 2.56kWh;

Working temperatures of between -20°C to 55°C (Charging 0~50°C; discharging -20~55°C);

More stable and safer LFP internal battery cells, allowing an increase in the combustion temperature of 600°C compared to 300°C relatives to NMC and LCO;

The battery management system (BMS) automatically manages the charge/discharge state and balances the current/voltage of each cell. BMS enables protection functions including over-discharge, over-charge,over-current protection, and high/low-temperature protection;

19-inch standard module battery design, easy installation, DIY friendly, and expansion up to 8 modules that make the total capacity to 20.48kwh in a single 19-inch rack;

Natural cooling allows the battery to achieve the highest energy efficiency and no fan noise.

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