Simarine Quad Shunt 4X50A 1XRelay Suits PICO LCD Battery Monitor SI-SCQ50

Sale price$365.00


Active shunt for PICO battery monitor with 4x current sensors up to 50A each. For 12V and 24V systems.

Highly versatile digital shunt module for monitoring consumer devices and/or generators up to 50A current per channel. The channels can be combined to reach higher amperage if necessary. Up to four SCQ50/SCQ50T modules can be connected to a PICO system.


  • Four inputs for monitoring individual consumer and generator continuous currents up to 50A (70A peak) per input
  • Can handle 12V or 24V systems, (same voltage used per device)
  • Innovative protected architecture allows wiring in either negative (low) or positive (high) side. (same system used per device)
  • Very convenient for monitoring smaller consumers like refrigerator or generators like solar, wind, hydro or shore power.
  • Current channels can be combined for higher amperage, meaning 2 x 50A channels can be used for measuring up to 100A.
  • Up to five modules can be connected simultaneously to monitor up to 20 current channels with PICO Battery Monitor.
  • Assignable NO or NC output relay.


Voltage Range 6-35 V
Temperature Range -20 to +70°C
Power Consumption at 12V
Operating 3,5 mA
Current Measuring Channels 4
Current Measuring Range
Per Channel 0,01 – 50A
Accuracy ±0,6%
Resolution 0,01A
Sampling Rate 100ms
Maximal Current
Continuous 50A
Peak Current (<1 min) 70A
Peak Current (<5 sec) 100A
Voltage Drop at 25 A 35 mV
Maximal Voltage on Connections 35 V

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