RFI LTE 11dBi LPDA Directional Antenna 700-3000 MHz 10m SMA(M) Wide Band LPDA7030-11-10SMA

Sale price$295.00


The LPDA antenna is to be mounted vertically with tilting capability incorporated within the clamping arrangement. Mast mounting hardware is supplied to suite pole diameters of up to 60mm and includes 10 metres of low loss RG58 cable terminated with SMA male connector.


- Wide band frequency range 
- Excellent front-to-back ratio 
- Easy installation using supplied hardware 


Cable And Connector 10 meters cable terminated with male SMA connector
Frequency Range 1710 - 2170, 2300 - 2700, 698 - 960
Base Gain 8 to 11 dBd
Power w 10
Dimensions 1100 x 180 x 60
Polarisation Linear
VSWR <2.0:1
Tuned bandwidth Full
Horizontal Beamwidth 55
Front Back ratio dB 20 dB
Frequency MHz 698-1000 / 1500-3000
Length [mm] 1100
Brand RFI
Weight [kg] 1.85

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