RFI 3 Way Pulse Splitter/Combiner 698-2700MHz Multi-Carrier PIM Rating PSP6927-5303-N

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These 3-way devices may be used in a range of RF signal splitting (divider) and combining applications and are designed to split RF source power into an equal ratio of power outputs, or combine multiple inputs to a single output with isolation between the ports.

These Pulse Splitters / Combiners are used in a variety of RF power dividing and combining applications. Typically used in RF systems for distributing power throughout feeder cable networks where isolation between ports is required. These products feature broad operating frequency bandwidth and multi-carrier PIM rating, and are widely used in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), receiver distribution networks and low-power RF signal dividing and combining designs.


The Pulse PSP6927-5303-N Features: - Broadband 698-2700MHz operation.

- Multi-carrier PIM rating.

- Equal ratio signal splitting or combining.

- Great isolation between ports - Easy to install using provided mounting tabs.

- Three power dividing/combining options available (2, 3 & 4 Way)


Splits 3
Port To Port Isolation > 20dB typ.
PIM 3rd Order 2x43dBm -140dBc
Finish Black - Painted
Connector Types All Termiantion Ports N (F)
Insertion Loss dB <5.3dB
Operational Temperature Range -25A‚A°C to +65A‚A° C
Connector N(F)
Frequency Range 698 - 2700
Weight [kg] 0.25
Component Type Splitter/Combiner

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