RFI 15 Element High Gain Yagi Antenna 698-890MHz Wide Band Coverage YW15-6989

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The YW15-6989 is a high gain yagi antenna which provides excellent point to point communications in RF control, short or long haul link, point to multipoint and other applications calling for highly directional antennas. This model particularly suits cellular 700MHz 4G and 800MHz 3G applications.

This high gain antenna provides a solution where operation within the 700/800MHz frequency bands. The broad bandwidth also provides network design consistency and benefits to users operating in multiple frequency band segments. The dipole element design delivers excellent performance across the entire bandwidth, with consistently low VSWR and less pattern distortion than dual dipole designs. The passive elements are mounted to the square boom section and welded on both sides to minimize the potential for corrosion or the generation of passive intermodulation (PIM). The antenna rests at ground potential to provide excellent lightning protection and reduced precipitation static noise. Applications include RF control, short or long haul links, control station combining and telemetry installations requiring a highly directional antenna in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networks. • Wide band coverage from 698MHz to 890MHz • All welded construction for reliability • Excellent front-to-back ratio • Alodined conductive plating for performance reliability • Designed to minimize the generation of PIM.


Frequency Range 698 - 890
Frequency 698-890
Wind Load (Thrust) @ 160km/h N 184
Torque @ 160km/h Nm 73
Nominal impedance 50
Power w 100
Nominal Gain Dbi 13.0 (15.1)
VSWR <1.8:1
Termination 500mm of RG142 fitted with N type Female Connector
Mounting area 100mm of 25mm diam.
Construction All welded Aluminium
Tuned bandwidth Full
Horizontal Beamwidth 38°
Front Back ratio dB 20
Length [mm] 1552
Brand RFI
Weight [kg] 1

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