Pylontech Low Voltage Energy Storage System Communications Hub (LVHUB)

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LV-HUB is for 48V battery system Parallel connection Multi Battery Piles RS485/CAN Communication Cable Connection Each Communication HUB connects maximum 5 battery piles


The Pylontech LV-Hub is a communication hub for US2000B Plus / US3000 Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery storage system. LV-Hub is the CAN/RS485 communication hub for multiple 48V battery groups in parallel connection.

Each battery group can configure a maximum of 8x US2000B Plus or 8x US3000 with a maximum of 5 groups of batteries.



Operating Voltage Range 12VDC

Communication Interface CAN/RS485

System Power Consumption 2W

Size 442 x 150 x 44mm

Ingress Protection Rating IP20

Weight 3.5KG

Operation Life 15 Years

Working Temperature -20 ~ 60℃

Storage Temperature -40 ~ 80℃

CAN (Max 5 groups) Baud rate: 500; Terminal Resistance: 0/120Ω

RS485 (Max 5 groups) Baud rate:9600/115200


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