Pulse Ratchet Crimp Tool Ergonomic Suits RG58 LMR195 Connector Type RCT-58S

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The Pulse RCT-58S is a precision, ratchet crimp tool designed to provide consistent and reliable crimp connections on connectors fitted to RG58 style or LMR195 style cables. The Jaw has been specially designed to cater for standard connectors such as N, BNC and TNC and also miniature connectors such as SMA and MCX which feature smaller diameter centre pins. This crimp tool manufactured in Sweden will provide years of reliable service and is a valuable addition to any technicians or installers tool kit.


  • Symmetric dies for right and left handed operation
  • Ergonomic handles for low eort crimping
  • Ratchet action to ensure full crimp cycle with safety release
  • Durable - minimum of 50,000 cycles.
  • The tool is factory set with a precise eccentric can adjustment function to guarantee performance.


Dimensions: L=198 mm / 7.80" / H=65 mm / 2.56"
Brand: Pulse
Crimp Die Sizes: 5.41mm/0.213"
Length: 198mm/7.8"
Height: 65mm/2.56"
Weight: 350gr/0.77lbs

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