Plasmatronics PV Hot Water Controller 100V 30A DC w/Element PLW

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The PLW is an MPPT controller for off grid PV solar hot water and grid boosted systems. PV hot water solves many difficult installation problems and can perform better than thermal solar hot water under many conditions. The PLW comes as a complete kit which includes a solar isolator, a low voltage heating element, two temperature sensors and a pre wired mechanical safety thermostat. The PLW takes information from two temperature sensors and displays it to the user. This information is also used to control the maximum tank temperature (thermostat function). The resulting system does not need boosting from other energy sources if an adequately sized PV Array is installed. The controller works with 60 cell and 72 cell panels.


No frost protection devices or pumps to fail. No roof reinforcement is needed. No battery required. Flexible: place tank near point of use and panels where convenient. Approved to the IEC62109-1:2010 safety standard.


Max input DC power 5000 W
Min Input DC operating Voltage 27 V
MPPT Voltage range 27-75 V
Input start-up Voltage 27 V
Maximum MPPT short circuit current 80 A
Nominal array Voltage 48 V
Maximum solar array Voc 100 V
Maximum average load (element) Current 30 A
Maximum average solar current 30 A
Load (element) resistance 205 Ohm
Maximum Voltage between the "Boost" relay terminals 85 v
Boost relay terminals maximum wire size 2.5 mm2
Maximum " Boost" relay contact Current 300 Ma
PLW operating temperature range ambient -20 to +50 oC
Temperature sensor operating range 0 to 100 oC
Maximum ambient temperature without derating 50 oC
Humidity range (non condensing) 5-95 %
Maximum storage temperature 70 oC
Meter accuracy <+/-2%FSD +2 digits  
Maximum wire size for Solar connection 35 mm2
Minimum wire size for Solar connection 6 mm2
Maximum wire size for Load connection 16 mm2
Minimum wire size for Load connection 6 mm2
Earth terminal maximum wire size 6 mm2
Recommended terminal torque 5 Nm
Maximum Altitude 2000 m
PLW size 520H x 175W x 90D mm
Shipping box approximate size 535 x 190 x 185 mm
Shipping box approximate weight 5.8 Kg
IP Rating 20  
Overvoltage category 2  
Max pollution degree 3  
Country of manufacture Australia  
Series Name PL Series  
Standard approval and certification IEC62109-1:2010  

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