Plasmatronics PL Series Solar Controller Serial Remote Monitor Unit PLM

Sale price$215.00


The PLM remote monitor is a device that allows remote user access to a PL series charge controller.  It shows exactly the same information as the PL screen, and the PLM button behaves in exactly the same way as the button on the PL. This means you can use the PLM for everything you would normally do at the PL itself, only in a more convenient or second location.


  • Supply Voltage: 10-100V
  • Current Draw: 0.19A
  • LED Backlit, Alarm, up to 100m away
  • Suits PL20 , PL40 , PL60/80 Charge Controllers.
  • You will also need a WYS cable for PL20 or PL40. 
  • WYZ cable for PL60/80.  (PL60 and PL80 are the same.)


Dimensions: 13 × 7 × 2 cm
Weight: 0.25 kg
Model: PLM
Brand: Plasmatronics


(shielded data cable NOT included).

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