Plasmatronics Hot Water System Power Diverter JACKAL

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The Jackal diverts solar PV energy during times of low power demand, to the Hot Water System.  The Jackal Power Diverter scavenges waste solar energy, especially for off-grid systems, to maximize the use of solar energy, for Hot Water.  It can work with any off-grid battery system with any energy source, inverter, charge controller (AC or DC coupled, PWM, MPPT), and hot water electric tank.  Simple installation by any electrician and made in Australia.


  • AC Supply: Off grid inverter only (not mains) permanently wired
  • Output Power: 0-100% of load rated power, variable Load: Pure resistive, with mechanical thermostat and OTP
  • Control Method: Synchronous zero crossing burst fire
  • Load: Pure resistive, with mechanical thermostat and OTP
  • AC voltage: 220-240Vac
  • AC frequency: 50Hz nominal
  • Battery Nominal Voltages: 12, 24, 48Vdc
  • Battery voltage: allowable working range 10V-60Vdc
  • Maximum Power: 4800W
  • Load: 4.8kW max.
  • Battery voltage absolute max. short term:  75Vdc
  • Maximum AC current: 20A
  • Maximum battery draw: 150mA
  • Typical battery draw (no bus accessories): 12mA
  • AC wire entry size (Strip length 9mm): 10 mm2
  • DC wire entry size: 0.2-2.5mm2
  • Wiring access: conduit holes (1- dc, 2 – ac): 3 X 20mm
  • Ambient operating temperature range: -20 / +50 oC
  • Current sensor (Jackal iSense) range: 0-30A
  • Dimensions: (as mounted) 176W X 150H X 93D mm
  • Warranty: 5 years

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