Plasmatronics Dingo Solar Charge Controller Negative 80A D8040N

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The Dingo D8040 is a solar charge controller for 12-48V o grid systems. It handles charge currents of up to 80A and has a load disconnect switch rated to 40A. The D8040 is negative ground and uses protected Mosfet switches. It uses 3 charge stages - boost, absorption, and float. A periodic equalisatione can also be enabled if required. The user can select PWM or slow speed switching control of the charge current. Slow switching is useful for low-noise radio sites.

All the settings are user adjustable and held in non-volatile memory. There are 4 programs with preset levels and one which is fully user adjustable. The user interface allows the user to see the battery voltage, charge current, load current, daily charge Ah, daily load Ah, and daily minimum and maximum battery voltages. The D8040 records daily history data. It keeps 1 year's worth of data in a revolving non-volatile memory.

Adjustable low-voltage load disconnection is provided. There is a backup generator controller which can be based on voltage or state of charge and includes a generator exercise function. An auxiliary output (’G terminal’) is provided via an optically isolated solid-state relay. This can be assigned to the generator, event, or load control.

A flexible event controller is included which allows conditional events to be programmed. External shunts can be added to capture other system currents and there is a Modbus-based serial computer interface. A battery temperature sensor can be added to improve regulation accuracy.


  • Rated to 50oC ambient
  • IEC62109 certication
  • from TUV Rheinland
  • User selectable PWM
  • or slow-switching control
  • Improved thermal performance in hot conditions


Maximum short term load current (5 minutes) 50 A
Maximum ‘G’ relay contact current 300 mA
Battery temperature sensor operating range  -20 to +70 o C
Maximum storage temperature 70 o C
Supply current (device only, battery at 12V) <13 mA
Supply current (device only, battery at 60V) <16 mA
Maximum supply current (with accessories) 27 mA
Meter accuracy  <+/-2% +/- 1 digit  
Solar and battery mounting stud size M6  
Recommended stud tightening torque 5 Nm  
Maximum wire entry size (load terminals)  16mm2
 (6 AWG)
Wire size, Green terminal block 0.2-1.3mm2
 (26 -16 AWG)

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