Plasmatronics Dingo Serial Interface Connection to PC D232

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The D232 enables the Dingo to securely communicate with a modem or personal computer through an RS232 serial port.

The D232 is primarily intended for data communication between a computer and a Dingo via a modem. It allows serial communication at speeds from 1200 to 19200 baud. The line speed (baud rate) is adjusted using a computer. It is stored in the D232 and is retained when the power is disconnected. The modem (or computer if no modem) baud rate must be the same as the baud rate set on the D232 for communication to occur. The RS232 port on the D232 is electrically isolated. This reduces the risk of ground conflicts. The Dingo supplies the power to operate its side of the D232. On the other side, a small amount of power will be drawn from the serial port of the connected device. 


Line Speeds 1.2, 2.4, 4.8, 9.6,19.2 KBaud
RS232 input levels required >+/- 5V
RS232 drive levels >+/-5V
Min. Load Impedance 3K
Output impedance (TX) 1000 ohm
DC Isolation 500V
Temperature range -20 to +70oC
Supply current 5mA (from Dingo supply)
  1.5mA from RS232 TX line


*Includes 1*DCAB cable, NO USB containing PRISM software included

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