Plasmatronics Dingo External Shunt Adaptor Includes 1xDCAB Cable DSA

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The DSA shunt adaptor is designed for use with Dingo series solar charge controllers. It allows the controller to measure charge or load currents which do not go through the controller. This allows inverter or generator currents to be included in the controller’s display. The Amp hour reading and Stateof-Charge screen will not be meaningful unless all the currents in the system are accounted for.


  • The DSA shunt adaptor measures the current in a current shunt and converts that measurement into a digital form. This data is then sent to the Dingo controller.
  • On the Dingo screen, the current read by the adaptor is added to the internal current.
  • Use a Plasmatronics DCAB cable to connect a Dingo controller to a DSA shunt adaptor. Use a double adaptor to connect multiple DSA shunt adaptors in a chain.
  • The Dingo DSA and other accessories can be connected in any order.


Range  +/- 255A in 0.1A steps
Accuracy +/-1% or 1 digit
Shunt Sizes 1mW, 0.5mW and 0.375mW
DC Isolation 500V
Temperature -20 to +70o C (-4 to +158o F)
Supply Current 4.3mA (from Dingo supply)
DCAB Cable 3m Cable for DINGO accessory

NOTE: SH200 Shunt NOT included

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