Plasmatronics Dingo Solar Charge Regulator 12-48V 20A D2020N

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The Plasmatronics D2020N is a negative ground solar controller for up to 20 Amps of solar panels and 12, 24 and 48V batteries – with load switching.

Plasmatronics Dingo 20A Solar Charge Controller D2020N

The D2020N is a great Australian Made, robust, and very well-respected solar charge controller. It handles 20 Amps of solar panels (240W @12V, 480W @24V, 960W @48V), to charge batteries, with up to a 20 Amp separate load circuit. These are ideally adapted for 4×4 or Caravan use, and also great for Australian small solar setups, or for those solar projects around the house, farm, or commercial premises. Lots of great extra functions: generator switching, load switching, remote devices, and more. “Negative Ground” allows for the battery negative to be earthed to minimize electrical interference, if needed.


  • Plasmatronics Dingo 20A Solar Charge Controller D2020N
  • 12V-48V Switching Regulator
  • Negative Ground
  • 20 Amp Solar Charge Controller (Regulator)
  • Up to 20 Amps Solar Panel Current Input
  • Up to 20 Amp Load
  • LCD Display 512-Day Storage
  • Durable, low maintenance
  • 12, 24, 32, 36, 48V Systems
  • MODBUS Protocol


  • Adjustable: All settings are adjustable and are stored in non-volatile memory so you don’t lose your custom setup if the unit needs to be disconnected from the battery.
  • Display: User-friendly LCD display.
  • Energy metering: Daily Load and Charge Ah plus State of Charge, all recorded for 512 days.
  • Four Stage Regulation: Boost, Absorption, Float, and Equalisation are available as appropriate for the battery type.
  • History: Records Charge and Load Ah, Max and Min battery voltages, SOC, and Float times for the last 512 days. You can tell how much energy was really collected and used. This history can be very useful when diagnosing a system problem.
  • Generator Control: A generator controller is included.
  • Remote control: Two remote display optional interfaces allows all functions to be accessed remotely.
  • Data Comms: Communication with a computer is possible via the optional interface. This allows fast downloading of all data and adjustment of settings. Can be used via a modem for remote sites etc.


Nominal system voltages 12,24,32,36,48 V
Maximum voltage BAT+ to BAT- 100 V
Max 1 minute BAT+ to BAT- volts 120 V
Maximum voltage SOL+ to BAT- 100 V
Max. voltage LOAD+ to BAT+ 70 V
Max. voltage on G relay terminals 90 V
Max. voltage B+sense to BAT+ +/-30 V
Max. continuous charge current 20 A
Max. continuous load current 20 A
Max. load current for five minutes 30 A
Max “G” relay current 300 mA
Battery Temp sensor range -20 /+70 ° °C
Max. storage temperature 70 °C
Supply Current (Dingo only, 12V) 9 mA
Supply Current (Dingo only, 60V) 15 mA
Supply Current max (with access.) 26 mA
Meter Accuracy < + / -2% + /-1 display digit
Max. power wire entry size: 16mm2 (6 AWG)  
Signal connection block 0.2-1.3mm2 (26-16 AWG)  

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