Plasmatronics Communication interface and Alarm Unit PLA

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The PLA can be used on its own or as a manager for one, two, or three PL controllers. The PL controllers can be PL20, PL40, or PL60 versions in any combination. However, for proper operation, the system voltages of all PL controllers and the PLA MUST be set to the same voltage. 

The PLA module allows up to 3 PL series charge controllers to work together. The PLA provides a common communication interface, four-alarm or control channel outputs, and can control a separate load control unit called an LS.


  • Connect: Up to 3 PL Unit Controllers (PL20, 40, 60)
  • Synchronise: Charge mode synchronization of PL Units for solar charging
  • Battery Alarm: High and low battery alarms
  • Computer interface: Monitoring via a PC interface
  • Max Battery Voltage: 100V
  • Min Battery Voltage: 8V
  • Relay Contact Voltage: Max 100V
  • Relay Contact Current: Max 0.3A
  • Supply Current Max: 70mA (at 11V)
  • Lower at higher voltages: 22mA (at 48V)
  • Ambient Temperature: -20 to +60°C

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