Noark 250A 500V DC Circuit Breaker 2 Pole (NRK-N28905)

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The Noark 250Amp 500V DC 2 Pole Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) primarily used on battery banks, provides high current breaking capabilities for DC circuits.


250A 500VDC Moulded Case Circuit Breaker MCCB (2 Pole) Non-Polarized - EX9MD2B TM DC250 2P

The Ex9 Series - M offers:

  • Frame size 2 - 105 x 157 x 126mm
  • High-breaking capacity and a new patented arc extinguishing design
  • New patented technology reduces the manual operating force
  • High quality compact modular with energy saving and environmentally friendly design
  • Installation flexibility: Bus Bar Connection, Lug Line/Load Side Connection, Plug-In and Rear Connection
  • Fixed and adjustable trip setting units
  • Certified to EN 60947


DC switching voltage:

250V DC per pole e.g. 2 pole = 500V DC

SKU:  NRK.28905

Rated Voltage: 500V DC

Insulation Rated Voltage: 1000V

Frame Size 2: to 250A

Breaking Capacity: 25kA

Release Technology: Thermo-magnetic

IP Protection: IP40 All Side | IP20 Terminal

Poles: 2

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