GROWATT INFINITY 1500 Portable Power Station Lithium Battery Backup UPS

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With the purpose of catering to the growing demand for clean and efficient solar generators, Growatt officially debuts its first portable power station – Infinity 1500 to the public. As an eco-friendly alternative to noisy and polluting gas generator, Infinity 1500 provides clean, quiet and efficient power supply for manifold application scenarios. For expedition lovers such as campers, RVers and vanlifers, Infinity 1500 can be easily packed into their vehicles and used wherever they are. It is also a top choice for emergency preppers that require reliable and efficient backup power support.

Infinity 1500 has a battery capacity of 1,554Wh and an AC output of 2,000W, which can power nearly 95% of outdoor and home appliances, with its 12 outlets available for diverse electric needs. In terms of charging efficiency, it has an impressive AC charging speed which takes only 1.6 hours for a full charge. As a solar generator, it features 800W solar input and has an outstanding MPPT efficiency of up to 99%. Besides, Growatt’s leading Battery Management System (BMS) technology is adopted to guarantee higher battery safety. Features such as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), multi-unit expansion and App remote control are also supported to meet the further needs of extended scenarios.
  • 1512Wh Capacity & 2000W Output - Power a wider array of high-power appliances and devices.
  • Wall Charge in 2 Hours - Wall charge from 0%-80% in 1 hour; charge from 0-100% in 2 hours.
  • Solar Charge in 2.5 Hours - Support up to 800W solar input for outdoor charging.
  • 12 Diverse Outlets - Up to 12 output ports to power all of your devices simultaneously.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - Reliable 24/7 backup power for your sensitive power needs.
  • Smart APP Control - Monitor, control, upgrade firmware, and easily access customer support.


Model Infinity 1500
Battery Chemistry NMC
Capacity 1554Wh
Lifecycle >800 cycles to 60%
Battery Management BMS: Under/Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Short Circuit
Protection, Overcharging Voltage Protection, Over Temperature Protection
MPPT Support solar power MPPT charging
Input Options
Solar Charge 2.5Hrs (Maximum Input under full sunlight), 800W (15-100V, 12A)
Vehicle Charge 12Hrs (at 12V)12V, 12A
Wall Charge 1Hour to 80%, 1.6Hours to 100%, up to 1500W
AC Outlets 4 x 110Vac, 60Hz, 2000W (4000W Peak)
Car Outlet 13.6V, 10A
USB-A 2 x 12W Max (5V, 2.4A)
Quick Charge 3.0 5V/2.4A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A 18W Max
USB-C PD 2 x 60W Max (5V/9V/15V/20V, 3A)
Wireless Charging 1 x 15W Max
Battery Expansion Parallel to increase capacity (Up to 3 Units)
App Management Yes (Wi-Fi +Bluetooth)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 16.5 x 9.1 x 11.3 in (418.7 x 230 x 287mm)
Weight ~ 36.4lbs (16.5kg)
Operating Temperature -4 ~ 140°F (-20~60°C)
Certifications UL, CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE
Warranty 24 Months

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