Growatt 5000TL-P HVM off-Grid Solar Inverter Charger 80A MPPT Solar Controller

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The Growatt SPF5000TL HVM series inverter is a specially designed inverter for isolated installations that integrates an MPPT solar charge controller. Maximum output power of 5000W.
It can run on 48V lithium or lead acid batteries.
This inverter incorporates a 60A charger that allows the battery to be charged from the grid or from a generator.

5kW Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM Isolated Inverter Features
Easy to use: Local graphic LCD display and four buttons, easier to operate LCD display. Compact design for easy installation

Improved security: Intelligent online service along with system operation. Intelligent battery management ensures battery safety. Complete protection for the entire system

Integrated MPPT charge controller

Optional WIFI/GPRS monitoring (WIFI accessory required)


Model Growatt SPF 5000 TL HVM/HVM-P
Battery Voltage 48VDC
Battery Type Lithium/Lead-acid
Rated Power 5000VA/5000W
Parallel Capability No/Yes, 6 units maximum
AC Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode) 230VAC ± 5% @ 50/60Hz
Surge Power 10000VA
Efficiency 93%
Waveform Pure sine wave
Maximum PV Array Power 4500W
MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage 60VDC ~ 115VDC
Number of Independent MPP Trackers/Strings Per MPP Tracker 1/1
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 145VDC
Maximum Solar Charge Current 80A
AC Charge Current 60A
AC Input Voltage 230 VAC
Dimensions 350x455x130mm | 11.5kg
Operating Temperature 0°C - 55°C
Storage Temperature -15°C - 60°C

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