Enerdrive EPro Combi Inverter Charger 24V 3500W 70A W/Remote EPC-3500-24-KIT

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  • AC Input Power Boost, which temporarily assists weak AC input sources when the connected load needs more power than available from the grid or generator.
  • AC Input Current Limit, which limits the maximum current consumed from the AC input source by the ePRO Combi. This limit is user adjustable.
  • Power Factor Corrected AC Input, which optimizes energy efficiency and makes sure that the maximum amount of charging current is available from your AC source.
  • Intelligent 4-stage charge programs, user programmable to fit any battery type.
  • Fully programmable inverter, transfer switch and battery charger parameters, using the Dashboard for Windows software.
  • Programmable alarm relay, for optimal control of external devices like generator starting or selective load disconnection.
  • Freely assignable trigger input, which allows the user to control the ePRO Combi by external events.
  • Temperature controlled fans, to guarantee silent operation under less than full load conditions.
  • Temperature compensated battery charging, using the standard supplied battery temperature sensor for maximum battery lifetimes.

    Universal Remote Control

    The Universal Remote Control (URC) can be used to remotely readout all available parameters from your ePRO inverter/charger Combi, like charging current, output voltage, charge stage etc. It is also possible to put the Combi in standby mode or to wake it up again, besides being able to control the maximum charge current and the maximum AC input current. All information is shown on a clear white backlit graphical display. This kit comes with mounting screws and a 3 meter interface cable (standard cat5 patch cable). The URC automatically recognizes to which type of equipment it is connected.


    Recreational vehicles – With a very small size footprint for power output, the ePRO Combi is the perfect solution for tight installations.

    Solar Power Systems – Suitable for small back up sites that require variable control capabilities with the innovative Trigger Switches.

    Industrial Systems – Any small commercial application can be configured to use the ePRO Combi as a smart UPS system again using the Trigger Switches.

    Commercial work vehicles – Provide ultra clean AC power for sensitive equipment.

    Marine Systems – Great charging capabilities from a small unit.


    • 1 x ePRO Combi Inverter Charger
    • 1 x ePRO Universal Remote Control (URC)
    • 1 x 3-Meter Interface Cable (standard cat5 patch cable)
    • 1 x Manual


    Model EPC 2000-12 EPC 3000-12 EPC 3500-24
    Output power (1) Pnom 1800W 2600W 2800W
    P10minutes 2100W 3200W 3800W
    Psurge 4000W 5000W 6500W
    Output voltage / frequency 230 Vac ± 2% / 50 Hz ± 0.05%
    Output waveform 230 Vac ± 2% / 50 Hz ± 0.05%
    Input voltage (± 3% tolerance): Nominal 12V 12V 24V
    Range 10.5 (2) – 16 Vdc 10.5 (2) – 16 Vdc
    21 (2) – 32 Vdc
    Maximum efficiency 92% 92% 93%
    No load power consumption (2) [ASB] <20 W [3.5 W] <20 W [3.5 W] <20 W [4.0 W]
    Charger stage
    AC input voltage 185 – 270 Vac / 45 – 65 Hz / PF > 0.95
    Maximum continuous charging current (4) 80A 120A 70A
    Standard charge voltage (bulk / float @ 25°C) 14.3V / 13.3V (programmable) 14.3V / 13.3V (programmable)
    28.6V / 26.6V (programmable)
    Charge algorithm IUoUoP, intelligent 4-stage, temperature compensated (programmable)
    AC Transfer Switch
    Maximum continuous current 30 Ams
    Transfer time (typical) 0 ms (inverter to mains) / <5 ms (mains to inverter)
    ePROLink enabled Yes
    Protections high/low battery voltage, high temperature, overload, short circuit, high ripple voltage and low AC input voltage
    DC connections M10 bolt terminals
    AC connections Screw terminals
    Enclosure body size 370 x 431 x 132mm
    Total weight 18.5 Kg
    Protection class / operating temp. / storage temp. IP21 / -20°C.. +50°C / -40°C.. +80°C (humidity max. 95% non-condensing)
    Standards Complies with IEC 60335-2-29 including Australian deviations.


    2-year limited warranty - Enerdrive warrants that its Products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship (subject to limits, and in normal conditions) for up to 2 years from the date of purchase.

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