Commscope CNT-400 50 Ohm Coax Cable Roll Copper-Clad Aluminum Wire

Cable Length: 50 meters
Sale price$270.00



Our polyethylene (PE) dielectric cables such as 8058 and 8213 have recently (July 2006) been certified to be free of lead and other banned substances under the European RoHS regulations. 

Product Series: CNT-400
Product Type: Braided coaxial cable

Construction Materials 
Jacket Colour: Black
Jacket Material: Non-halogenated PE
Braid Material: Tinned copper
Shield Tape Material: Aluminum
Dielectric Material: Foam PE
Inner Conductor Material: Copper-clad aluminum wire


Cable Type CNT-400
Brand Commscope
Component Type Cable
Diameter Over Dielectric 7.24 mm | 0.285 in
Diameter Over Jacket 10.29 mm | 0.405 in
Diameter Over Tape 7.391 mm | 0.291 in
Inner Conductor OD 2.74 mm | 0.108 in
Outer Conductor OD 8.08 mm | 0.318 in
Nominal Size 0.400 in

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