AERL CoolMax Series SRX MPPT Charge Controller + Battery Sense + Battery Hub

Model Type: MPPT SRX 600V 70A 48V
Optional Extras: No Extra
Sale price$2,450.00


The CoolMax SRX features over thirty years of AERL’s MPPT experience, offering a superior tracking algorithm, an ultra-low loss, high efficiency thermal design, backed by our Australian factory warranty and local support. With record-breaking conversion efficiencies, intelligent thermal management, and state of the art MPPT tracking, the SRX is a key component of any high-quality DC-Coupled remote power system.


  • High Input Voltage for Ease of Install
  • On-Board Ground Fault Detection
  • PV Array Oversizing Support (+30%)
  • Superior Peak Power Efficiency
  • Reverse Polarity and Current Protection
  • Built-In Overload and Thermal Protection
  • Master/Slave Configuration Options
  • Compatible with most Battery Systems
  • Designed for Long Term Reliability
  • Australian Made


Models SRX 600/70-48 SRX 600/35-120 SRX-R 400/55-48 SRX-R 400/35-120
Nominal Output Voltages 24V
120V 48V 120V
Nominal PV Power 2016W @ 24V
4032W @ 48V
5040 W @ 120V 3168W @ 48V 5040W @ 120V
Max PV VOC 600V 600V 400V 400V
Max Charge Current 70A 35A 55A 35A
Parameter Typical
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 432 x 192 x 89 mm
Enclosure Type Indoor Type 1 / IP20
Mounting Method Wall Mount Bracket

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