05M, Ameresco (BP Solar) Photovoltaic 5 Watt Solar Panel - Polycrystalline cells (5MBPSOLAR)

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The Ameresco Photovoltaic Solar Panels are a direct replacement for the BP Solar Series 3 and 4 solar panels. These panels are advanced photovoltaic module that incorporates polycrystalline cells using SiN coating to give superior efficiency compared with same rated modules from other manufacturers. All the solar panels have ARC glass, an anti-reflective coating with self-cleaning properties so that under normal conditions panels do not require cleaning. The modules are robustly constructed using a clear anodised Universal frame and are offered with a warranty that will give you confidence in your system for many years ahead. Solar panels can be connected in parallel to increase power and are modular allowing the user the flexibility to build up a system over a period of time in line with budgets and power requirements.

Ameresco 5M Solar Panel Benefits

Easier bolt management
Bolts may be located anywhere along the channels; the channel groove is specially designed to prevent the bolt from rotating when tightening, allowing installation with just one wrench. 
Long cable for easier battery connections
A 15 ft. PVC-jacketed AWG 18-2 polarized cable is potted into the fully sealed junction box located on the module back. The module’s electrical connections are sealed for prevention against corrosion and moisture penetration.


  • Solar cells: 36 crystalline silicon cells in series
  • Front cover: High transmission 3.2mm (1/8th in) glass
  • Encapsulant: EVA
  • Back cover: White polyester
  • Frame: Silver anodized aluminum
  • Junction box Lo-Pro junction box
  • Output cables: AWG#18 (0.75mm2) 2 core, ITC / PLTC jacketed
  • Cable Lengths: 15 ft. each (“+” red; “-” black)
  • Dimensions: 25x27x3cm

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