Blue Sea Systems Vessel Systems Monitor VSM 422 (BS-1800B)

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Fully programmable legends and adjustable alarm functions can be customized to fit every boat.


  • Three intuitive display modes 
  • Flexible case design offers three mounting options 
  • Included in retail packaging—head unit, surface mount bezel, surface mount gasket, DC Current Shunt 8255, AC Current Transformer 8256, Battery Temperature Sensor 1820, connectors, and mounting screws 
  • Monitors DC systems—voltage, amperage, battery state of charge - amp hours remaining, time remaining, % charge, battery temperature (alarms for all values) 
  • Monitors AC systems—voltage, amperage, watts, frequency (alarms for voltage, amperage, and frequency) 
  • Monitors tank levels—fuel, water, waste, (alarms for high level waste, low level fuel, and water) 
  • Monitors bilge—active, cycle count, and duration (alarms for cycles and duration).


Nominal Voltage 230V AC @ 50Hz, Typical of Europe
120V AC @ 60Hz, North America
12V DC
24V DC
Operating Voltage 0-300V AC
8.5-33.0V DC
Current Accuracy ± 2.0% AC (RMS)
± 1.0% DC
Current Range 0-150A AC
0-500A DC
Frequency 40-90Hz
Minimum Current Draw 35mA @ 12V, backlight off
18.8mA @ 24V, backlight off
Voltage Accuracy +/- 0.5%
Weight 4.00lb (1.81 kg)

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